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Project Schedule

We are committed to making the development of the New England Clean Power Link open and transparent for regulators and citizens alike. This page presents a summary of the major milestones achieved to date and the milestones that will be achieved between now and the onset of construction activity.

As is the case with any project requiring multiple levels of review at the local, state and federal levels, the outline below is subject to change. Please check back periodically for updates. This page was last updated in September 2018.

Fall-Winter 2013
  • File interconnection request with the New England Independent System Operator (ISO-NE) to study project electrical characteristics
  • File interconnection request with Hydro-Québec Transénergie to study project electrical characteristics
  • Begin interconnection system impact studies with ISO-NE
  • Consultation with state and federal agencies and other stakeholders
Winter-Summer 2014
  • File for Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) negotiated rate authority
  • FERC grants ratemaking authority on March 10, 2014
  • Continue interconnection system impact studies
  • Preview proposed Route with Local Communities, Stakeholders and Regulatory Agencies
  • Conduct field studies regarding lake and overland segments
  • File Presidential Permit application with the U.S. Department of Energy on May 20, 2014
Fall-Winter 2014 Winter-Spring 2015 Summer 2015 Fall-Winter 2015 Winter-Spring 2016 Summer - Fall 2016 Winter 2016 - 2017
  • Commence preconstruction activities
  • VT Transportation Agency issues Road ROW Permit
2017 - 2019

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