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About the Project

The Clean Power Link project will bring up to 1,000 megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable power to the New England area. The High Voltage direct current (HVdc) line will run 150 miles and will be completely buried to minimize impacts to local communities and the environment.

The project will run from the U.S.-Canadian border to Ludlow, Vermont. It will deliver clean power to meet growing demand in Vermont and the New England market, increase the security of the electric grid, and reduce energy costs for consumers.

The HVdc technology that will be used is at the forefront of America's emerging "smart grid" revolution. The solid-state design is environmentally friendly, has an extremely small footprint, and allows for very controllable electric flow, which helps with grid reliability. It is expected to be in service by 2019.

The Clean Power Link is being developed by the same team that is currently working on the Champlain Hudson Power Express, a 1,000 MW, buried HVdc line running from the U.S.-Canadian border to New York City.

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Benefits of the Project

  • Low-cost hydropower will benefit Vermont and New England ratepayers by reducing
    electricity costs
  • Hundreds of construction jobs will be created over the 2+ years’ construction period
  • Privately financed merchant project places no burden on ratepayers or taxpayers
  • New tax revenue to Vermont

  • No need for aboveground transmission lines
  • Deliver renewable, clean, reliable hydropower
  • Supports New England governors’ efforts to import low-cost, green, reliable power
  • Will be built to the highest environmental standards to protect Lake Champlain, Vermont's natural resources, and local communities

  • Will enhance the region’s fuel diversity by bringing hydroelectric power to New England
  • Strengthens and diversifies the Vermont electric grid
  • Hardened infrastructure will protect the line from natural disasters
  • "Black Start" capability can quickly restart the electric grid in case of a blackout

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